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Inflatable Ball Game

Inflatable ball Game It’s the new game that is taking off all around: air pocket football. Fun, sheltered, great activity, and a snicker uproar to watch, Inflatable Ball Game is a minor departure from fantastic football played by a large number of the same standards, however with one major contrast that has all the effect on...
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Soccer Bubble Ball

Soccer Bubble Ball is bubble soccer for children & adults of all ages. It’s soccer, it’s bumper cars, it’s hilariously inflated family fun! The Germans call it Loopyball, while other countries in Europe call it bubble football or bubble soccer.  The sporting game that’s sweeping the globe actually started out as a joke between Henrick Elvestad...
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Soccer bubble

Soccer bubble ball is the all-encompassing, protective, safe, single- chambered ball of air with inner handles and shoulder straps that enables you to almost literally defy gravity and defy pain. You only need one to get started.Your soccer ball are constructed of 8 equal panels of which only two are red which are positioned in...
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Inflatable bubble soccer game

Inflatable bubble soccer game or football game if you’re from Europe has spread to USA, providing us with this totally amusing clip of guys smashing into each other, bouncing around and rolling across the floor in inflatable, Zorb-like balls. As much as we love watching these big guys chase after balls, it’s even more fun watching...
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