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Did you ever hear anything about bubble football?

Did you ever hear anything about bubble football? If not, it is time you began brushing up. It is gaining more and more popularity and it is simple to see why: it is probably the most fun way to spend a little while with your friends. So what is it all about? Here is your guide to probably the most amusing sports ever.

Bubble football is equivalent to any other match. It is the players who turn into bubbles, courtesy of a big inflatable zorb-like bubble ball suit which they pull over their heads prior to going on to the playing arena. The bubble ball suit offers a bouncy cushion surrounding the player, which means they are shielded from any knocks as well as scrapes during tough challenges. It is like playing soccer while wrapped in, well, a huge inflatable suit.

The competitors often bounce off one another and it is like a giant sport of dodgems with human beings rather than cars and also a football. Bubble football is actually played on a traditional pitch, with a goal at both ends. The purpose is just the same, to score a goal by putting the ball in the opponent’s net. As much as 14 people are able to play in 2 teams, although it is possible to play a match with only 3 on each side.

Regardless of the number of players you have, the challenge would be to control the ball and also move it across the pitch.

While there are tournaments, it is primarily about having a good time. It is virtually impossible to try out or watch bubble football without laughing a lot.

You might probably ask Messi to play for your team and not enjoy much of an advantage. That is what makes this sport such a great activity for groups of buddies, particularly if your fitness is not what it was. Nobody feels as if they are striving to keep up. It is all about being on the field and having fun with your friends.