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Inflated Buble Football Suit

The inflated bubble football suit is a wearable full inflated suit that is used mostly for playing bubble soccer and basically any other fun games you can think of. The suit is designed with space in the middle where you are able to fit in and strap yourself and also there are grip handles on the front part.

inflatable ball suit

The suit is built with flexible material that is strong enough to maintain the pressure from inflated air and when crushing with your opponents. The flexible material which is usually plastic like PVC is transparent which will enable you to see and laugh as you send your opponent down tumbling. The balls can also be colored for team play.

Weigh in between 10-15lbs, each suit measures around 1.5m though you can find a smaller one at 1.2m or a bigger one at 1.8m. Each suit has inflated valve for emptying or filling them. This can easily enable you to fit your suit in a gym bag for easy to carry and storing it.

Get your suit and start having fun and laughter with friends and family in various kinds of parties like birthdays as you bounce and fall down hysterically.