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Why Bubble Football Has Gained So Much Popularity Nowadays?

Bubble football, also known as “zorb football” as many call it, is becoming increasingly well-known in the past several years, however, if the craze has so far passed you, here is a quick explanation of why is it a must-try game.

Whilst it shares the identical guidelines as your regular five-a-side game, every participant is needed to wear a big inflatable zorb-like bubble ball suit which covers them right from head to waist, leaving the legs free for kicking the ball. It may sound somewhat strange; however, it really is a large part of its appeal – there certainly isn’t another sports activity like it.

The uniqueness aspect of this sport sees it attracting both adults and children alike. Bubble football events are popular among the young children, whether or not they like football. The game is also extremely popular amongst stag and hen parties since it is certain to bring lots of laughter with the unavoidable falls.

The bubble ball suit offers a bouncy cushioning around the participant, preventing them from kicking one another’s shins. That is not to say that there aren’t methods to tackle, but so long as the game is played out relatively sensibly, there should not be any awful injuries to the players.


So long as you are able to kick a bubble ball in the direction you would like it to go, you will have no issue enjoying the sport. The bubble ball suit functions as something of a “leveler” that guarantees that everyone will be playing at an identical level of skill, which should result in a reasonably even game.

Unless of course, you are a skilled bubble football player, it might take some time to get accustomed to playing in a bubble ball suit, leading to lots of mistakes and also lots of goals. This means relentless cheering as well as celebration – the ideal ingredients for a great party.

In case you cannot take part because of an injury or maybe any other cause, you can still relax and appreciate all the silliness, with participants bouncing off one another just like human dodgems. Additionally, this game can be played both indoors and outdoors.